Hello, everyone! And welcome to 2012.

For those of you in the Americas, I’ve been keeping 2012 nice and clean until you got here. For those of you of more Antipodean bent… I think you broke something.

Thank you all so much for your patience (and keen interest!) in this unending short story blog thing. (Twenty stories down… eighty to go!) I genuinely believed when I started this project that it would only take me a few months. That I could write several of the things a day, because they’d be very light and disposable, and – above all – not have very many words in.

It didn’t quite turn out that way. The stories so far have grown in ways I hadn’t expected. Quite frankly, I liked the ideas I was coming up with, and didn’t see why it was in anyone’s interests to waste them on something speed written and abridged. Much better to let them all be the stories they *should* be, not approximations of something more tantalising. I didn’t want anyone to read a story, and come away from it thinking – “Not a bad first draft, it might be quite interesting one day if he puts some work into it.”

It just means that… well, it’s taking rather longer.

I’ve been playing catch up these last few months. Taking my brain out and giving it a good hard examination. Draining it of all the really *bad* ideas I was developing. Letting some of the *good* ones get a bit of fresh air, water, and carbohydrate intake. And I’m ready to start posting again.

Here’s the deal for 2012. There’ll be a new story, *every* Monday. One a week for the entire year. If you’re prepared to come back and read ’em, then I’ll be here on Sunday nights panicking about internet access and how to copy and paste from a word document. Seems only fair.

The mathematicians amongst you will have realised that’ll take us up to 72 stories, not 100. …To which I can only say, well, maybe I’ll speed up later. Yes.

In the mean time, though, thank you. And come back on Monday, and there’ll be a new story waiting. Something quite odd and funny and dark, which has ghosts in.

Monday. Which would be tomorrow. …I’d better get to work.