I’m about to release the fortieth of the one hundred stories. (It’s a charming one about insects and open heart surgery. It is not necessarily going to be to everyone’s tastes. Be warned.)

Reaching 40 stories feels much the same as when I reached 40 years old. Full of energy up to the milestone itself – and then I sort of collapse panting for air, with my hair turning grey, and my heart beating nineteen to the dozen, and wanting to pull the duvet cover over my head and go to sleep.

So I’ve decided to take a month’s break, just to let my batteries recharge a little, and to make sure there are enough story ideas churning around in my brain. And I’ll be back, on Monday June 18th, fit as a fiddle, sharp as a knife, and any number of similarly exciting similes, I’ll be bound.

In the mean time, thank you for reading – especially if you’re one of the 100, and for being so patient and good-humoured as I make merry with your name! I hope you enjoy the next 60 stories – I’ll keep ’em coming, I promise you – and I’ll do my best to make them worth your while.

Rob x