Hello, everyone!

Within the hour I’m going to release story number fifty. Fifty, in this marathon of one hundred stories! Mathematics was never my strongest subject at school. (Though, frankly, I was doing all right, until they started putting ‘x’s and ‘y’s everywhere in the sums. They’re not numbers, what was up with that?) However – even I can tell that number fifty means I must have reached the halfway point.

I feel quite celebratory! …And also quite scared. Because that means I have another fifty stories to go. So, although I might crack open the champagne, I’d better not drink any of it yet. I probably still need my wits around me. (Curses.)

Thank you, as always, if you’re reading this, and you’re still pursuing my act of folly. And thank you doubly if you’re one of those hundred souls with whose names I am taking such liberty. Your  support, enthusiasm – and, yes, patience – are what keep me driving on.

Quite a number of the stories already on this blog are already being printed in other collections and anthologies. (More news on that soon.) And quite a number, too, are being *first* released in other books, and although they’ll end up on the blog sooner or later, the peculiar adventures of Richard Hardy, Yasmin Timothy and Lucy Zinkiewicz (amongst others) will soon be available in old-fashioned paper form. It’s all so oh-twentieth-century, that.

New one to come shortly. I hope you enjoy it. I hope you enjoy the ones to come, too.

Rob xx